Jennifer Shryock helped me on short notice regarding a salary negotiation for which I needed immediate input. She made time for me to meet with her that same day and in 15 to 20 minutes coached me on critical dos and don'ts of how to properly value my expertise, discuss various negotiation strategies, and develop a mental guide for me to use during the negotiation to determine what offer(s) I would or would not accept. I followed her advice and got what I wanted. Thanks, so much, Jennifer!

Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer did an exceptional job helping me create a resume that I would be proud to send to a potential employer. She is a wealth of knowledge for any job seeker out there, her skills are great for folks that are employed and would like to have a resume ready to go if the need arises!

Heather Phillips
Graphic Designer

Jennifer helped me focus in on the effective presentation and promotion of my editing business. From honing in on my ideal clients to teasing out the benefits of my services to improving the impact of my website, Jennifer was full of creative ideas and helpful insights. She is knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with. I highly recommend her for business as well as personal promotion.

Marge Hulbert
Writer, Editor, Book Coach

Jen is just amazing at what she does! If you want someone who is super "in tune" with anything technical in writing, Jen is your go-to person. She also has a very modern pulse of things related to social media and able to get you results there too. She is professional, timely, hard working, intelligent and most importantly, a compassionate and ethical person. When I have the chance to hire Jen again, I will do without hesitation.

Mike Birnbaum

Jennifer Shryock is a genius. As a business coach running my own practice, I haven't needed a resume in over 12 years. When I decided to apply for a teaching position, I knew I needed some help telling the story of my business in a way that would show me as the best candidate. Truly, Jennifer made the process so easy AND fun. Not only that, but the resume that came out of the process is a fabulous representation of me, my work and the best that I have to offer to not only an organization but also to my clients. I highly recommend Jennifer's work if you want a clear, powerful resume that captures the essence of your unique awesome. Thank you Jennifer!!

Nona Jordan
Master Business Coach & Mentor

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Shryock over the course of the past four months. She has been a valuable resource and support.

I made a major career change in January 2014, and was seeking professional assistance to update my resume and create a more professional, focused LinkedIn page. Jennifer has been incredible to work with in both of these aspects. She has a true gift for listening and creativity for which I am grateful.

In addition to the professional assistance I received in regards to my resume and social media, I began working with Jennifer as a life coach. The knowledge, resources and new found perspective I have gained during this process will carry with me for the rest of my life. In my opinion, Jennifer has a natural gift, skill-set, and propensity in this field. Thanks to Jennifer's coaching skills, I now carry with me a set of "life tools" I am blessed to possess. They will help me tremendously in all areas and aspects of my life.

I would highly recommend Jennifer Shryock as an astute professional and gifted life coach.

Heidi Foley
Certified Public Accountant

Jennifer Shryock is a genius! I was offered the first job I applied to after receiving her assistance. She crafted a resume that highlighted my knowledge, skills, and accomplishments and demonstrated proof of my abilities.

I especially valued her interview instruction. I am usually very nervous during interviews, but Jennifer taught me how to present myself confidently and eloquently. I felt more prepared and empowered during the interview than ever before.

Jennifer was genuinely interested and invested in my success. She was wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone applying for jobs.

Christine Morris

Update: I had an interview with a company. Actually two!

During round one the interviewer was mightily impressed with the section on my resume “What people are saying”. He thought that was rather clever, liked it very much.

So yet once again, I am thanking you!

Jennifer professionally read my resume, met with me, showed me examples of professional resumes, and provided some interview coaching.

From advising to coaching to actual crafting, she offers it all regarding resumes and interview coaching. I found her to be professional and personable while remaining focused on the tasks at hand.

As to her fees, I can testify they are below the quality of the services she offers. Heck I even said she probably should raise her rates!

You will be in great hands, of that I am confident.

Christopher Cable

I was amazed at how well my resume turned out. I never considered how important format and organization of information really is. I would recommend Rainmaker to anyone, especially in this job market. You simply MUST have a professional resume.

Joe Fowler

For any professional, whether you’re already employed or not, Rainmaker Resumes (Jennifer Shryock) is a phenomenal resource. Jennifer has a unique way of making not only prospective employers but yourself see and realize the true potential inside. People tend to forget about how capable and experienced they are. Jennifer gets to the heart of the matter and makes your resume really shine. The boost to your confidence and self-worth is worth every penny alone and the increase in pay from your future employer makes this one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Dave Pyron, CEO
Pyron Technologies

Update: I got the promotion!

I hired Jennifer to craft a cover letter and resume for my job search, but as we worked on those we discussed a potential opportunity with my present employers. Jennifer helped me prepare to negotiate a promotion in the hopes of creating a new position at my current company. Success!

Jennifer’s professionalism and sage advice in the arena of management, resume crafting and as a career counselor could not be better. It is often said the business professional has few peers of which one can share critical career strategy. Jennifer, from my experience, has earned a place in my inner circle of advisers.

Dan Brandborg

Thanks for your excellent insight and experience as we worked together on a new resume and then interview coaching.

You have cheerfully guided me through the process and given me confidence to explore new opportunities.

You also have a way of asking the "right" questions to get at my own experience and personality and then crafting the words which sound just like me, but a better, polished version of myself.

I learn something each time we speak.

Thanks again for your timeliness in meeting my resume rush, and I look forward to working with you again, soon.

Marianne Miller

Marianne Miller

I had the post-graduation blues. My gown and chords were neatly tucked into a dresser drawer and the cap dangled by the tassel on a closet hanger. A neatly bound degree sat on my desk. Four years of study culminated in a pompous robe and a certificate inked in fancy calligraphy. Jobless and penniless, I set out in search of employment.

The stagnant Missoula job market greeted me with an unexpected silence, exciting prospects fizzled, and promising leads uncovered dead ends. Then, Jennifer intervened.

After I hired Rainmaker to revamp my Resume and Cover Letter, I was instantly invited for an interview. Panic promptly rooted itself deep in my stomach, squashing any sense of relief I may have felt. I had never really interviewed before, not for a real job.

Soon we were at The Break for Interview Coaching. Jennifer and I talked about what to expect, how to dress, the right answer to every question, and the right questions to ask. It was hard to believe I could be so prepared for an interview--it felt a bit like cheating!

The interview went well. Loosening my tie as I left the office, I remember wishing the interviewers had challenged me more.

Facing the real world can be overwhelming for a recent graduate. Jennifer's resume was great and after she'd coached me, interviewing was an accessible, almost effortless endeavor. Thank you!

Matt S.
Recent College Graduate

Update: Yes, I got the job (Director of Information Systems)! Bottom line? I earned the offer due to my skills, but I got the interview because of my resume. Thank you!

As an executive with 25-plus years experience writing and tuning my own resume and reviewing 100s of others, I’ve never needed “outside help.” I recently found myself short on time and needing a strong proofreader for a final review. I contracted with Jennifer based on her local reputation for business visioning and consulting. I expected basic corrections, some layout refinements, and perhaps a few minor useful suggestions.

I was extremely surprised with Jennifer’s response. Going far beyond catching typos and awkward sentences, Jennifer added very significant value to my content. She better focused my resume for the target job, she tightened up the cover letter significantly, and she gave the whole package a visual polish you only get from a graphic designer – simple, clean, and highly readable. Most impressive was that she didn’t disrupt or lose the personality and tone I wished to convey; she clearly improved them.

I strongly recommend Jennifer to experienced professionals. She is fun to work with, she focuses on understanding YOUR goal, and her work just sparkles. In short, Jennifer “gets” the hiring process.

Arthur Held
Senior IT Executive

Jennifer, you offered more than what I paid you for and did a better job than I expected! You present yourself very well, especially your ability with words. I learned more about wording, which your experience really brings to the table.

James Sessions
Construction Manager

Jennifer, you did a very good job of wrapping up bits and pieces of information into a complete package. I am very pleased with your personal concern and passion to help me succeed in my job search. My experience was pleasant and very professional. I've already recommended your services!

Gina Roggenbuck
Administrative Professional

You are really good at what you do. I couldn't have made a resume this good.

Gary Kuhfuss

Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you.

Jamie Mandell
Graduate school applicant

Once again...Thank you so much for everything.

Allison Egan
Graduate school applicant

You Rock!! Thanks Jennifer!

Bonnie Hoffman
Administrative Professional

My first response was, Wow, is this me? I am very pleased and wouldn't change anything. Thanks!

Sherry Miller
Customer Service Representative

I just want to thank you for checking back with me, I can't express how much that means. Jennifer, I want to let you know how great you were to me. I hope I can work with you more in the future. :) You are an excellent person to work with and I will most definitely suggest you to any friend in need. Have anyone contact me if they want a resource! Thanks Again for Everything!!

Molly Brown
Graduate school applicant

Update: Yes, the job search is now over!! It came down to (two competing firms). Just so you know, your work is amazing. I had so many jobs offering interviews and they all said it was because of my resume! Thanks!

Dear Jennifer,
Just want to thank you for the resume you created for me. I have had a breakthrough with my job findings these last two weeks. I'm in serious contention to land a dream job! One company said they receive around 500 apps a day but mine was so well written and composed that it helped me get this far! THANK YOU. Don't think I could have done it on my own.

Ray Garrin
Northwestern Mutual

Update: I already got an interview! I just know it was my new resume that did it. And although I'd previously been told I didn't interview well, after receiving interview coaching from Jennifer, I went in much more confident and prepared. After the interview, I was told I was in the top three prospective candidates! Thank you so much!

Jennifer, Looks great! It was great working with you and I hope I will get some new job opportunities with my new resume. Thanks again!

Caron Skilling
Administrative Professional

Professional, excellent quality, and quick--your resume service is a godsend to any professional seeking to land their dream job! I didn't have the time to create a perfect, professional resume. Rainmaker did it for me with minimal time and effort on my part. The resulting resume was fabulous! It was written better than I could have done, faster, and more professional. The process was simple and afforded me the time to prepare for interviews and care for my family. I will recommend Rainmaker Resume to anyone needing a professional resume!

Jennifer Swartz
Non-Profit Professional

I'm very pleased with Rainmaker Resume's services. They were professional and prompt. Working with Rainmaker made my resume process very easy. Thanks!

George Price
Professional Carpenter

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