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The Secret Santa Job Search!

As the holiday season skates along, it might be tempting to steer your sleigh away from your job hunt, with good intentions of re-starting in the New Year. Don’t wait! The simple truth is that rarely are there more opportunities to reconnect with (and expand) your network than during the social season of greeting cards, […]

How to Train for Your Job Interview

Cue the Rocky music! You’ve scheduled the big job interview and now you want to ensure victory. What would Rocky do? He would train, of course! The most successful job candidate shows up for the job interview prepared and ready to rumble. How do you train for a job interview? I wrote a couple of […]

Proofreading Pointers to Keep Your Resume in the Running

The job of your resume is to earn you a job interview. That’s a big job, especially when there is a lot of competition for each job opening. Hiring managers try to avoid frustration and eye strain by giving your resume a quick glance to determine whether it is worthy of a closer look. If […]

My First Post at Make It Missoula–Magic!

Networking is one of the most important tools of business. It can help you build your client base, your business opportunities, keep you informed about a variety of topics, and perhaps most importantly, expand your job search options. A Generous Approach Whether you are networking for business or in your job search, one of the […]

My New Blog at Make It Missoula: Work It!

In my last post, Ignite Missoula–Resumes in the Raw! I mentioned a site called Make it Missoula and hinted that I would soon be joining their team. Sure enough, it’s official. I’ll be the host of my very own Make it Missoula blog called Work It! I’ll talk about job hunting tips, winning resume techniques, […]

Ignite Missoula–Resumes in the Raw!

I’ll bet you’re wondering how my presentation, Resumes in the Raw –A Report on Ridiculous, Erroneous, and Otherwise Regrettable Resumes went at Ignite Missoula v.3. When I last updated you all, I hadn’t yet composed the slides or organized my thoughts for the event. What is Ignite? Ignite is a community forum  that began in […]