Connect to your soul’s guidance. Return to your body. Nurture your true nature.

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Each event is filled with coaching, connection to yourself, your soul, and to a cozy, like-minded
group (and me!). I’ll create a cocoon of love and skilled leadership for your retreat, filled with
beauty, nature, pampering, natural and cultural history, and personal transformation.
Upcoming opportunities to join me for a revitalizing, one-of-a-kind adventure:

Glacier National Park, July 9th – 13th, 2018

A medicine walk retreat in the rugged beauty of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, the crown of the continent carved by prehistoric ice rivers. 

Glacier Park women's retreat

We’ll explore the receding glaciers of the area and in our own selves, the pristine beauty they’ve carved, and listen deeply our own callings and our wild souls through the calls of the wild.

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Strictly limited to 8 spots.
Claim yours for only $350 deposit!
Only 4 spots left.

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"Before attending Jennifer's Glacier Quest Medicine Walk Retreat, I felt that I had read enough books, attended enough seminars, and taken enough classes. Despite this, I was lacking some of the confidence I desired as a coach who would like to serve others. I needed a way to bring all of my learning home so I could really own my skills as a coach.

From the first day at the magical Dancing Spirit Ranch to the remaining days in the incredibly beautiful Glacier National Park, Jennifer lead us through a quest to connect with our individual sacred ideals and intentions for the retreat. She helped us identify, observe, and connect to the guidance coming from within us and to all the messages coming through the hikes and the abundance of life all around us.

Melissa Scott joined our group as a guide and her two decades of experience as a naturalist were invaluable to this quest as well. Throughout the journey, both Jennifer and Melissa took care to ensure we got the most out of our experience of learning, healing, and transforming.

More than ever before, I know I can trust my guidance and that means I am emerging from this retreat a much more confident coach. I will take this transformation with me and always hold it close to my heart. Thank you so much Jennifer!"

Sobia Durrani Coaching

Sobia Durrani

"I was skeptical about a Medicine Walk retreat. In fact, in my journal the first day I wrote: 'I can't believe I am doing this! It might be one of the best things I have done for myself...or not?' I am so pleased to tell you that this WAS one of the best things I have EVER done for myself. I believe I have started down the path to a better understanding of who I am and how I want to live these 'golden' years. I am anxious to continue to learn and discern.

(Afterwards, having discovered the power of a retreat): What was once an office, play room, and catch-all room has been transformed into a retreat where I can relax, rest, and ponder. I have moved in a reading chair, lamp, favorite art pieces and even a water feature!

You did an exceptional job of meeting individual needs during the retreat and I especially appreciated the lack of pressure. All I can say is that the accommodations, leadership, both yours and Melissa's, and experiences were well worth the expense. I wish there would be a way to convey that to future retreaters. My friend, who had expressed interest, declined due to the cost. She has hiked all over Glacier, but underestimated the value of your guidance, Melissa's guidance, and the exceptional accommodations. Wait til she hears what she missed!

You are an amazing woman, coach, and (now) friend. I look forward to seeing you again."

Christie Deck

Good medicine"I loved this experience. It fed me in unexpected ways. The beginning day at the Dancing Spirit Ranch was a beautiful start. With Glacier guide (Melissa) and coaching activities (Jennifer), I've developed an appreciation for Glacier that I'm sure I wouldn't have received without your combined expertise. What a fantastic opportunity to develop and increase a love of all things nature!

Jennifer's guidance was lovely: strong and compassionate, gentle and informative. I'm aware of ways of experiencing myself, emotions, and internal guidance that were powerful for me and I leave with new ways and possibilities.

The details like accommodations, meals, hikes were beautifully thought out and there was truly something that always worked for people.

Would LOVE to do this again."

Mary Korsmo

“I’m more aware of beauty around me and now I soak it in, receive it and feel a part of it. There’s a magical give and take with nature that I hadn’t named before. I feel like a gorilla, so surefooted and at one with nature!

I feel elated and free. Over and over, I was rewarded with spectacular views, a sense of accomplishment, and camaraderie. There was a bond between everyone. It started immediately, then continued to grow."

Mona Troy (novice hiker and eldest guest)

"Feeling connected, centered and confident after an amazing retreat with the amazing Jennifer Shryock. I faced some fears on the trail, got inspired by spectacular scenery and seven amazing women. Plus learned a fabulous new mind/body tool, had a sun gong bath and saw a moose. Ahhhh!!!

I wrote pages of guidance in my retreat journal that are so juicy and relevant to all that happened on our trip. (I continue to find confirmation) that the guidance we talked about on the trail is real and can be found in the most playful ways. I am feeling a stronger sense of my body's center today and grateful to have shared this beautiful trip with all of you. Still feeling the stillness and grandeur of Glacier National Park."

Charlene Hoey Coaching

Charlene Hoey
Master Certified Business & Life Coach

I found this retreat so good for the spirit and body, I would gladly go again.
I felt a bit nervous about the trip as I did not know if I had the physical conditioning to be hiking much in the park. I soon found this few day trip was as refreshing, fun and inspiring or more so than a two week vacation. It was amazingly nourishing and refreshing for the mind and spirit. Yes, I did have some very sore muscles. But we had an amazing park guide (Melissa) who gave us  so much helpful information and  support for our level of physical ability. She encouraged and supported us throughout out our hikes.
Jennifer had amazing guidance and insight as we delved into our spirit walk.  I found her instruction and guided activities fun, helpful, supportive and inspiring. Being in nature really did help nurture all of us. And Jennifer and Melissa were very nurturing in our quest, our journey to follow the "inner compass."
I am incredibly grateful for this experience and I highly recommend this retreat. It seemed to spark a very positive change in me. Perhaps it is still unfolding...

Jayne Roberson

Walking Home: Labyrinth Workshop

In our chaotic Western society, many of us have trouble quieting our minds. When the mind is quieter, we feel peaceful and open, aware of a silence that embraces the universe. We feel connected to our truest selves, home. We can touch in to creativity, guidance, and inner wisdom. The labyrinth is a touchstone tool for quieting the mind. Learn more here. If you’re interested in having me lead a labyrinth workshop in your area, please let me know.

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