Hi. I’m Jennifer, owner of Rainmaker Résumés.

Jennifer Shryock Rainmaker Resumes

In 2009, I started Rainmaker Résumés to help job-seekers gain employment with expert custom-crafted resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, salary negotiation and job interview coaching. We at Team RR help you package your purpose in a way that demonstrates the Rainmaker you are. Even if you’re not sure of your awesomeness, we can help you find your mojo and craft your message and your mission. We love what we do.

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But that’s not all.

Because sometimes a fabulous resume just isn’t enough. I encounter so many people who feel miserable in the ‘right’ job, who used to excel but are now stuck, who are working hard to take care of business but feel hollow or sick or like they missed the boat to their ‘real’ work.

Or, very commonly, they’re simply not sure what is the right decision, whether it’s about a career change or any life circumstance.

My mission has grown. Deepened.

Nowadays, my focus is to help people in transition – thoughtful, caring folks like you, who feel that something’s missing from their lives or careers – to (re)connect to their callings, prevent or recover from burnout, and then take inspired action based on their own internal wisdom.

I’m a certified master coach, mind-body healer, and adventure guide.

Be the Rainmaker.

My mission is to help you restore trust in yourself, revitalize your energy and creativity, rediscover and attune to your inner guidance system, and bring your soul to action. I want you to know the part of you that is the Rainmaker, the knower, the guide. I want you to know the power and medicine of being you.

What I want you to know:

  • Part of you is a Rainmaker, a knower, a guide – no matter how much or little you do or how far from wise you feel in any moment
  • You’re not broken, even if you can’t clearly read your internal compass right now, even if you’re sick or struggling or failed at something
  • Nurturing your true nature is not about adding more credentials or compensating in an effort to be whole; as you subtract old patterns that don’t serve you, your whole beautiful powerful self will emerge
  • Action without vision, striving busyness, and trying to force outcomes aren’t sustainable
  • Making decisions from your ‘knowing’ leads to inspired action and success on whole new levels
  • Living into and acting from this deep central part of you is big medicine

Ready to Be Your Rainmaker Self?  Please reach out. Let’s make it rain.

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